Faisalabad’s electricity is provided by FESCO. FESCO is divided into several departments, each of which plays a unique role in ensuring the smooth operation of the company. Here is an overview of each of the departments that comes under the FESCO with their functioning.

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Finance Department

This department is responsible for managing FESCO’s finances, including budgeting, financial reporting, and financial analysis. They work to ensure that FESCO remains financially stable and can continue to provide reliable electric service to customers.

IT Department

FESCO’s information technology infrastructure is managed by this department. They oversee the development and maintenance of FESCO’s software systems, databases, and networks, and they work to ensure that all systems are secure and running smoothly.

Customer Services Department

Customer Services handles inquiries, complaints, and requests. They ensure that customers receive prompt and effective assistance, and they work to resolve any issues that customers may have with their electricity service.

Commercial Department

This department is responsible for managing the commercial operations of FESCO, including billing and revenue collection. They work to ensure that customers are billed accurately and promptly, and they also manage the process of revenue collection to ensure that FESCO remains financially stable.

Engineering Department

FESCO’s electrical infrastructure is designed, constructed, and maintained by this department. The process of installing new equipment and existing equipment’s repair and maintenance is handled by this department. They also conduct regular inspections and testing to ensure all equipment functions properly.

Operations Department

FESCO’s electrical network is operated by this department. monitor the flow of electricity across the network, identify and resolve any issues or outages, and coordinate with other departments to ensure that all customers have access to reliable electricity service.

Human Resources Department:

This department manages FESCO’s workforce, including recruitment, training, and performance management. They ensure that FESCO has the necessary staff to meet its operational needs. To help employees develop the skills and knowledge they need for their jobs, the company provides ongoing training and development

Each of these FESCO departments plays a critical role in the operation of FESCO, and they work closely together to ensure that customers receive the best possible service. By working together, these departments help FESCO achieve its mission of providing reliable and affordable electricity to customers in the Faisalabad region of Pakistan.