Here is the detailed information about each FESCO services that FESCO Provides to its customers.

Electricity Distribution

FESCO distributes electricity to customers In its service area. This involves the transmission of electricity from power generation plants to FESCO’s substations, and then on to customers’ homes and businesses. FESCO uses a network of power lines and transformers to distribute electricity to customers. The company monitors its network around the clock to ensure that there are no issues with power distribution.

New Connections

 FESCO provides new connections to customers who are building new homes or businesses, or who are connecting to the electricity grid for the first time. Customers can apply for a new connection through FESCO’s website or at one of their customer service centers. The application process involves providing information about the location of the new connection, the required load, and other relevant details. Once the application is approved, FESCO installs a new connection to the customer’s premises.

Bill Payment

 FESCO provides several options for customers to pay their electricity bills, including online payment, payment through mobile apps, and payment at designated payment centers. Customers can check their bills online and can pay their bills online through FESCO’s online portal or mobile app or can use other payment methods like Easypaisa and JazzCash or other banking apps. Payments can also be made at designated payment centers located throughout FESCO’s service area.

Meter Reading

FESCO is responsible for reading customers’ electricity meters and generating accurate bills based on the amount of electricity consumed. Customers can access their meter readings and billing history through FESCO’s online portal. FESCO also offers an automated meter reading system that enables the company to read customers’ meters remotely, eliminating the need for a physical meter reading.

Tariff Information

FESCO provides information about the tariffs and rates for electricity consumption and how to reduce energy consumption and save money on electricity bills. You can access this information by visiting FESCO bill online website or by contacting the company’s customer support team. FESCO offers a range of tariffs designed to meet the needs of different customer groups, such as residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Customer Support

FESCO offers a range of customer support services, including a customer service helpline, email support, and online chat support. Customers can contact FESCO’s customer support team for assistance with billing, meter reading, new connections, and other issues related to their electricity service. FESCO’s customer support team is available around the clock to assist customers.

Fault Reporting

FESCO provides a fault reporting service that allows customers to report electricity outages or other issues with their electricity service. FESCO’s operations department then works to identify and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Customers can report faults through FESCO’s website, customer service centers, or by calling the company’s helpline.

Energy Auditing

In order to reduce energy consumption and save money on electricity bills, FESCO provides energy auditing services. These audits involve an analysis of customers’ energy usage patterns and recommendations for more efficient use of electricity. FESCO’s energy auditing services are available to both residential and commercial customers.

Safety Information

FESCO provides information about electrical safety to customers, including tips for using electricity safely in the home and workplace. FESCO also offers safety training and workshops to educate customers about the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe. FESCO helps reduce the risk of electrical accidents and injuries by providing safety information and training.

Connection Modification

FESCO offers services for customers who need to modify their existing connections, such as upgrading their meter or changing the capacity of their connection. Customers can apply for these modifications through FESCO’s website or customer service centers. FISCO’s engineers assess the customer’s requirements and provide recommendations for the necessary modifications

here are some additional unique aspects of FESCO Services:

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

FESCO has implemented an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system to modernize the metering and billing process. This system allows for remote meter reading, faster billing, and more accurate data collection. The system also allows customers to view their energy usage in real-time and make adjustments to reduce their consumption.

Renewable Energy

FESCO is committed to promoting the use of renewable energy sources in its service area. As part of its efforts to encourage the use of renewable energy, the company offers net-metering facilities to customers who generate their own electricity using solar panels.

Efficient Operations

The efficiency of FESCO’s operations has been improved through several measures. For example, the company has streamlined its billing process to reduce errors and improve accuracy. To improve the management of its electrical infrastructure, FESCO has also implemented a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Community Outreach

We are committed to giving back to the communities we serve at FESCO. The company has implemented several community outreach programs, such as providing free electricity connections to schools and hospitals in underprivileged areas and sponsoring events and activities that promote community development.

ISO Certification

The company’s Quality Management System has been certified ISO 9001:2015, demonstrating its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The certification ensures that FESCO’s services meet international standards and are consistent with high quality. FESCO is continuously improving its operations and services to meet the needs of its customers and to promote a sustainable energy future.